I have people ask me a lot about their "remodeling" and if their specific projects will add value to their home.  To be honest, I usually tell them to do whatever projects they choose that make their home "right" for them... because most remodeling does not add as much value as the expense of the work.  With that being said, it is not true 100% of the time- otherwise we would not see the "flipped" houses on the market.  The "flips" are performed by investors that purchase homes, do remodeling projects, and then sell the homes for profits well above the purchase and remodeling expense.

With that in mind, I thought I would share the typical "flipped house" renovations, so that you could get an idea of the updating that does bring more value than its expense.  In most flipped houses we see: new flooring, new paint, new baseboards, new windows (if they were not dual pane), new fixtures and hardware, light kitchen remodels (new cabinets, countertops, appliances), and light bathroom remodels.  I researched and found a few websites talking about the projects that add the most value to homes... and voila- here they are: kitchens and bathrooms, paint, flooring, and windows. 

I also found that most articles agree on the home improvement projects that bring the least value: swimming pools, new roofs, expensive landscaping, new air conditioners, and high end appliances.  Truth is, sometimes you just NEED a new roof or a new AC unit... but your home isn't worth much more with it done.  And, you may be a gourmet cook that HAS to have a $10,000 stove but your home is worth about the same as if it had a much cheaper stove.

Remember, a lot of the things we do to our houses isn't about value... it's about quality of life when we live there.  I have a swimming pool and my family uses it all the time.  I don't care that it doesn't add value to my home- I want it and that makes it ok for me.  You do what you want to enjoy your home to the fullest.  But, if you are looking just to add value- stick with the projects that the experts are sticking to!