Check out these thoughts on my blog today.   As more homes come on the market it is VITAL to price your home right on the money.  A market with rising inventory is not the right time to aggressively price your home- get your price in line with the comparable home sales and don't push.  Buyers are back out making offers on houses- but they are simply passing over the homes that are overpriced.  AND THE BUYERS KNOW... the information on every single comparable home is literally right at their fingertips... don't believe you will fool any potential home buyers.  Get your top dollar with a good, fair price right out the gate and don't let your home listing get market worn.  The unintended consequences will be very costly.

If you are considering a home sale, give me a call and I will give you an honest price opinion.  I won't try to earn your listing with an inflated value because nothing will hurt you more.