Most of you know that I feel very strongly that a home should positively affect all nine areas of your life.  Some clients come to me focuses just on the financial impact a home will have.  Some come to me focused just on the social impact a home will have.  Some come to me focused on the spiritual impact a home will have.  I like to look at all nine areas of my clients' life (physical, intellectual, emotional, financial, environmental, recreation, family and social network, spiritual, and professional) and recognize the impact that purchasing or selling a home will have on it.  It's really a smart and thoughtful way to consider the purchase of real estate. 

When you really think about it... your home really does impact each of these areas.  Just look at the first one alone: Clearly your physical health is impacted by where you choose to live (does it have room for your exercise equipment, is it near a part for you to go for a run, is it a quick commute to your favorite gym, does it have a kitchen that works for your eating style, etc.)  You can do this with each of the areas and look at how your home impacts that area of your life.

If your home is not positively affecting one of these areas, is it possible to make some changes that would allow it to be a positive impact?  Truly each home has plusses and minuses... positives and negatives... and our goal when finding the right family home is to find a place that the positive impact outweighs the negative OR that with small changes can lift you up in each area of your life.