My best advice to clients who are out shopping for a home is to make a list of your WANTS (things that you want in a house) and NEEDS (things that you absolutely have to have in a house).

The WANTS are things you would like to have in a house... everything you dream to have:  a pool, a fourth bedroom, a kitchen with granite counters, dual pane windows, etc.

The NEEDS are the "non-negotiables"... if a home doesn't have it, you don't even want to see it... they may be location, three or more bedrooms, two bathrooms, a separate family room and living room, etc. 

After you have separated these things out... you will find that looking for homes becomes a less stressful experience.  I have a "score-card" that my cients use... they make their lists and they score the NEEDS side (it has to be a 100% because these are non-negotiables) and then they score the WANTS side. 

I have a home buyer program that makes the experience of buying a home more enjoyable... shoot me an email if you would like to hear more about it.